Irreversible death's course tour 2014

The death course tour is finally over and fortunately we are still alive! We have to say that it was a hell of an experience. Many people earned position into our hearts and helped us meet the underground - diy scene in the places we played.

3 April @ Viologiko, Thessaloniki

We started our tour from the north of greece by playing in salonica, in a place we had never played before but wanted to visit for many years. The gig started earlier than we thought (about 12, hehe) and it was our first performance from a series of gigs. Many respects to the band Xera who played along with us giving a killing show and many thanx to Thanos , Natalia and the rest of the people who helped us arrange this gig.

4 April @ Grindhouse, Sofia

Due to a big delay in the customs of salonica ,we almost missed our second gig in sofia ! The gig was about to start at 8.00 and we managed to be there at 9-30 (sory for this Shaso) ! Fortunately everything turned out to be ok, so the gig went well with lot of energy and moshing  from the crowd who filled us with enthusiasm. Our best wishes to the bands Enslavement and Savage Ravage ,with their sharp riffs and their hellish drum rythmes. Many thanx to Sasho who run the gig and gave us the opotrunity to play in sofia.

5 April @ Drustveni Centar, Novi Sad

Third day driving through the borders till we reached the squat in novi sad by being totally drunk .
So we had a little bit of cofee to recover and after that all hell broke lose !A perfect audience, a perfect band (Niyazov) and moreover...a perfect party till the morning ! We salut Chef , Ganza and the rest of the guys who made this awsome gig happen.

6 April @ Traffik klub, Budapest

People say that the only way to avoid next day's hangover is to fight fire with fire. This was what we did through our journey from novi sad to budapest and it had a pleasant end for us. The gig was about to take place in Human Error's studio, but it was finally booked in a club due to recontructions of the building. We played along with other 3 local bands and one more from slovakia who offered us a really good time. Our regards to Cancerous Aggravation, Crippled Fox and Halitosis. We bow in front of Mark who arranged this gig and the people who took good care of us in their home.

7 April @ La Bugana, Surany

This was one of our shortest journeys so when we reached slovakia we had a lot of sun and time to get into the feeling of this crazy gig !The people who came, offered us very powerful moments with lot of energy and lot of alcohol, hehe. Massmord was the first band playing and we also played together in budapest. An intense - violent d-beat exactly in the way we prefer it ! Many thanx to Miso and his friends for the hospitality, they made everything look perfect for us

8 April @ Pankahyttn, Wien

We were amazed when we finally met the pankahyttn building ! A large building with many floors and a big venue for diy gigs.
It was one of our best nights of the tour with lots of beer and booze and a great mood for playing our music...and playing...and playing...and playing till the morning ! The punx there rocked our world and we shared great moments with them.
We salut Boris, Jenny and the rest of the guys there for this top experience

9 April @ Jalla Jalla, Ljubljana

We knew we would make a stop for a couple of days in ljubljana by having the chance to play in jalla jalla which is incide Metelkova. But we didn't know that we would meet such interesting and active people who took care everything for us and offered us a pleasant hospitality.Despite the place we played was small, the atmosphere was strong and intense with a very warm atmosphere! We send our gratitude to Spela, Mathias, Eure, Nejc (i think it is the only name i wrote correctly) and all the people who helped us during our accomodation there

11 April @ ggs31, Winterthur

Despite we had a day off in order to get some rest, we decided to get more drunk and tired, so when we reached winterthur we were really excausted. But when the gig started we forgot about our hassle and it was finally one of the best gigs of the tour !

The squat was perfect for diy shows and we became one with the crowd there. They offered us plenty of joy and fun , an unforgetable experience. Salut to Kapytaen and Wolfenstein ,the german bands who also played there and many respects to Philip who arranged the gig, along with Mathias, Jackie and the rest of the guys. Thanx for the hospitality !

12 April @ Csa Kavarna, Cremona

Our final destination was in North Italy playing to a benefit gig in order to collect funds for four anarchist political prisoners who face charges from the state. A very nice gig with great bands supporting this action . Our regards to the locals Ludd , Flic dans la tete and Warfuck from France and also to the anarchists who arranged this solidarity gig and descussion. Many thanx to Beppe and all the people who where there!

We express our solidarity to the four political prisoners, TΟ ΠΑΘΟΣ ΓΙΑ ΤΗ ΛΕΥΤΕΡΙΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΔΥΝΑΤΟΤΕΡΟ ΑΠ'ΟΛΑ ΤΑ ΚΕΛΙΑ.

Finally we wish the best to Nicola, the driver of the van who managed to bring us back alive, although we made his driving moments look like hell .We salut you Nicola !

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